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Who was eliminated? Who can stay? LED filament lamp enterprise outlet where?

The market is changing rapidly, and this phrase is never out of date for business.
In 2016, despite the rapid development of LED filament lamp market, the intervention of famous brands such as wood linson, sunshine lighting, foshan lighting, etc., has also caused more small and medium-sized LED filament lamp enterprises to feel a bit of coolness.

According to industry sources, the sales of LED filament lamps in the European and American markets and "One Belt And One Road" in 2016 are booming.
Also have part of the focus on the domestic market of LED lamp filament companies are discovering that foreign markets higher profits and market space is larger, was a large part of the domestic market sales target set by is achieved in foreign markets.

Although some companies are looking abroad to avoid the oppression of big factories, there are also enterprises seeking to break through and seize the domestic market.
Star sulincy Wang Zhigen chairman, said in 2016 domestic filament lamp market volume of about 200 million, 2017, about 400 million, the total market doubled, although there will be pressure from big companies, but the market is on the increase, on the basis of the original sales, total market doubled, it is a big cake.

As long as it is done properly, there is nothing wrong with the market, says Mr Wang.
In fact, the big push into 2016 LED lamp filament market premium brands, in this more than a year has not made a big splash, this for the small and medium-sized enterprises, LED lamp filament market still have a chance.

LED the industry also said that the filament lamp product price is still in a hierarchical, a large outbreak in market will be postponed, once the filament lamp price decline, will likely usher in the wider attack big brand, after all the big brands have scale advantage and brand advantages, so small and medium-sized enterprises more need to get ready for your arrival.

It can be said that 2017 is the "key year" for the development of LED filament lamp market, which is the consensus of many enterprises.
In 2016, a large amount of capital operation in the domestic lighting industry and the upstream chip manufacturers and packaging manufacturers have been trying the light source of water filament;

International giants philips and osram are actively seeking domestic excellent lamps and lanterns OEM manufacturers.

Domestic enterprises are also engaged in the filament lamp business...
There are signs that the market for LED lights will become more competitive in 2017.
Is expected in 2019, to be LED lamp filament prices leveled off, along with the growth of the brand enterprise capacity, the realization of automation, the cost advantage and brand advantages will be more obvious, more and more small and medium sized filament lamp enterprises may face elimination, potential and factually.