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Contrast between light and traditional headlights

About in the next 10 years laser lighting will replace the LED lighting this kind of problem, anecdotal discussions have different opinions, based on the laser lighting a smaller, more compact structure, the projection distance etc, the personage inside course of study thinks, in some areas is likely to replace the LED lighting, such as light and display technology.

In the field of general lighting, someone has expressed doubt that laser lighting will replace LED lighting in a decade.
However, the development trend of any kind of innovative technology deserves the attention.

Now let's look at the application of the lights.
According to the test, the advantages of laser as can control the direction of the laser beam through a lens, realize the flexible lighting, can have directivity of exposure to the front, twice the distance is LED high beam.
In early January 2014, the opening of the United States at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, audi has issued SportLaserlightconcept concept car, which is audi's first pick up the models of laser headlight, augur well for the audi laser lamps are put into use.
Advantages of laser light: high brightness, distance and flexibility
Usually the laser can only give red, blue, green and several fixed colors, so it has to be turned into a brighter, more natural lighting requirement.
The color temperature of daylight is 5500K during the day, and the color temperature of the laser light of audi is 5500K.

If in front of a blue laser pointer after coated with phosphor, it will become white beam of light color, and audi Sport quattro laserlight laser lamps are running on the same principle, headlamp unit contains a small laser diode, in front of the laser diode has a small phosphide layer, it can become white blue beams of light.