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Future lighting technology: lasers will end leds?

The laser headlights are 170 lumens per watt, and the distance of the road is 600 meters. The advantages of LED headlights are most...
There is no doubt that the laser lighting technology is a world-class, disruptive new generation of lighting technology, and the impact and driving industry is expected to scale up to a billion.
It sounds like a whole new field of tech tips and money.
What is laser lighting?
Laser lighting, laser lighting, infrared laser lighting
Visible light laser lighting is divided into two types: blue light activated phosphor powder to realize white light (such as the laser car headlight of a BMW in 2014);
Red and green blue laser synthesizes white laser or true color lighting.
Infrared laser lighting is applied to night vision and night cameras to monitor lighting.
The laser light source is based on the semi-polar GaN laser diode and combines advanced fluorescent powder technology.

Due to the laser focus on phosphor emission light translates into a tiny point on the white light, the light source can output the safe and highly collimating light, coupled with the use of tiny optical lens and reflectors, excellent control light to achieve better lighting effect.

Compared with blue-ray LED, there is no problem with the light effect of the laser. In lighting, laser illumination can achieve very high efficiency.
LD laser and LED light, in fact, from the point of view of excitation source not big difference, YAG laser is a more by laser radiation, the LED is added a fluorescence after semiconductor exciting light conversion, the main difference is that the laser on the vision of good monochromaticity, LED to a wider spectrum a few, suitable for display, lighting, etc.
In addition, the brightness of the two can't be compared, because the laser is straight line and has a strong direction. if you don't deal with it, it will be much brighter than the LED.
The laser is not yet mature for RGB vision, it is only in the state of the laboratory. Laser projection and laser TV are currently only a concept.
Won the Nobel Prize in physics in the "father" of blu-ray nakamura to fix two once described the merits of the laser lighting and LED lighting to make comparison, he thinks, laser illumination light emitting area is smaller, higher luminous efficiency, sensory easier to focus and further irradiation distance, can be widely used in automobile headlights and other areas.

In automotive lighting applications, the world's best-known car brands, such as BMW and audi, are making efforts to apply the technology to new products.
At the same time, laser lighting is a "point light source", and the future is expected to be set up with the optical fiber technology, believing that the two can lead to more promising application prospects.