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The ancient town light decoration companies go out for the international market

On May 3, the deputy secretary of the municipal committee and mayor of the city of lansheng went to the ancient town to study, and the representatives of the ancient town lighting industry representatives.

Jiao lansheng requirement, must coagulates the force, the government and the enterprise concentric, jointly make the world class lamp all.

The ancient town lamps in the central area of ancient town are ecological wetland park, which is the first stop of the research of jiao LAN.

In the wetland park, various kinds of aquatic plants grow luxuriant, the rich characteristic of lingnan plants are distributed among them, lakes, streams, ponds and other rich ecological wetland landscapes make people bright.

The park plans over 1000 mu, and the 2016 lighting culture festival is held in the park, and the current construction is still being improved.

Jiao lansheng asked for details about the park construction progress.
In the later stage of the town lighting industry business forum, the party secretary liu jianhui of guzhen town introduced the development of the lighting industry and the economic and social development of guzhen town.

According to the introduction, in 2016, the total output value of ancient lighting industry amounted to 190.34 billion yuan, which is 7.9% higher than the total value of exports, which totaled us $354 million.

It is widely believed that the lack of voice in foreign sales market is one of the main pain points that restrict the development of ancient lighting industry.

Yuan shiqiang, chairman of zhongshan qilang lighting co., LTD., advises the government to take a tour of the market and move the sales channels to regions such as Europe.
The President of zhongshan huayi lighting co., LTD., the President of the company, said that the current lighting industry in ancient towns still lacks influential brands, which suggests strengthening the brand and joining a group of enterprises to go out.
Representatives of guangdong huaxing plastic machinery co., ltd. and guangdong laiya intelligent optoelectronics co., LTD., said that as companies grow, businesses are facing increasing capacity problems.

In addition, intellectual property protection, talent, production cost, financing and other issues are also the focus of entrepreneurs.

"We've always said we support manufacturing, and we have to support the idea."
JiaoLanSheng said after listen to enterprise representatives spoke to lay the old industrial base, to support local businesses to grow, especially must vigorously support the development of good prospects, the expanding capacity demand urgent enterprise, to meet the needs of enterprises.

In addition, the proposal of "go out" by entrepreneurs is forward-looking, and it is important to further put forward the operable plan and explore "sing a song".
Jiao lansheng demands that the ancient lighting industry has been developing continuously in recent years to build a world class lamp based on the original foundation.
In the future, we should unswervingly push forward the transformation and upgrading, strengthen the quality of our products and improve the quality of our products.

Strengthen brand promotion, build influential brand;
We will strengthen the financing environment and provide support for the expansion of enterprises.